Thursday, February 25, 2021

anonymous reporting page against ABA

To join in circulating internationally this link, a Faceboom page created for anonymous reporting of items that demonstrate abuse from ABA - Applied Behaviour Analysis. For circulation + passing on.
In the community of independently living aspie adults we don't tend to encounter ABA. But for any who are in the mental health system, concern at what agendas they could encounter out of public sight always matters.
Mainly it is happening for kids: if you google ABA in Scotland you will find it being targetted at kids. I'm a survivor of a CAMHS unit with the same attitude of dictating for personal changes as ABA rests on. Stopping it matters: it conflicts with natural self-discovering development which rests on liberty.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

ANS forum relaunching

ELAS had close relations with this when it last ran 2007-16.


As you may know the Asperger Forum took place at the University of Strathclyde for a number of years. The Forum produced 2 documents, An Ordinary Life and An Ordinary Life Too. The Forum is also an opportunity for autistic individuals to meet and discuss relevant issues and topics, with a view to this information being fed back to professionals at both a grass roots and strategic level.

We think now would be a good time to start the Forum again, and are looking for individuals who might be interested in joining the Forum. The Forum is led by autistic individuals, with facilitation support from Autism Network Scotland. Members are invited to come to meetings to discuss issues, topics or focus areas that are important to them. The discussions' outcomes are intended for sharing, via local and national autism strategy connections or to the professional circles connected to the issues. ANS can facilitate this and group members make choices arising.

The Asperger’s Forum membership is open to any autistic adult living in Scotland. Initially meetings will be held online, by routes that participants can best access, but we hope that in the future we can have a mix of online and face-to-face meetings.

If you would be interested in hearing more about the Forum or in becoming a member you can contact Lynsey at

We would also ask that you take part in this short survey to help us develop the Asperger Forum as we move forward.

Monday, September 14, 2020

stand with "Neuroclastic" site's fight for Osime Brown against global apartheid cruelty

Worse than Prison: immigration detention could kill Osime Brown.

Neuroclastic is an awful sounding word I hope won't catch on, + name for a site. Wish it had defied our scene's policers of language, not let them push it to change to this name.

Far more important than that, extremely morally important + pressing, it is trying to act as the spectrumite scene's focus to fight against global apartheid's arbitrary racist destruction of a spectrumite life. Namely, the atrocity of deportating to Jamaica an autistic man who has no connections or sources of support there, has lived in Britain since age 4.

When folks are deported, they are usually taken through customs at the destination country and then left at the airport. From there, most often, it’s on them to fend for themselves. In this case an autistic young man with high support needs, PTSD, and a severe heart condition. In advance of which, getting moved to an immigration detention prison on Oct 7. Read the article.

Evil people habitually
  • - are noncommittal
  • - use the word "unfortunately"
  • - talk rhetorically of reality
  • - call moral issues grey
  • - say they would rather blot them out of thought

#globalapartheid #autistic #OsimeBrown #deportation

Saturday, August 1, 2020

not to bounce back

The most blessed thing to miss and forget about, during the life of lockdown emergency, has been the sight of bouncers. The oppression that they are and they redolate, the sheer wrong structure of a society that has them. Their blue armband identity badges ooze repulsively the official stamp on a designed oppression.

Parts of life that more thoughtful folks avoid, during the locdkown it has heen possible to even forget that we had forgotten them. In Kirkcaldy today, first time there since the travel rules eased, it was a real disgusted yuk moment to see blue badged bouncers, and remember they exist, on a laid-out outdoor pub on a verandah. Very continental, except that classically France"s streetside cafes are not behind bouncers!

It was packed full, not even looking socially distanced, with folks who had chosen the down-yo-earth culture of drinking out, even underthe shadow of getting past those. By comparison the big beach was almost deserted, 2 household groups on its whole length. Its coastal location seems wasted on its people.

A pernanent society shift left by Covid may be that we meet up more online in our own little video bubbles, That the habit stucks because it is practical. Less tie to gping out and meeting up in person, leafs to less gatekeeping. Less going to places with bouncers, so that they are seen less and start to become outdated. Good riddance.

31 Jul 2020

Thursday, July 16, 2020

you no longer beg for, you now cite for by right, straight answers against stupid rules

Here is how you do, on grounds that come from autism work too.

To Livingston Designer Outlet, a central shopping mall there, today Jul 16:

Almondvale Boulevard is a perfectly publicly open street. I walked round the corner to check.

Exit is not like entry. The emergency conditions around entry, around controlling numbers and hand sanitising and enforcing masks, are well known and everyone can see that they would justify limiting entry to the points where those things are organised. Entry enters us into the situation of your shoppers' health. Exit does not. Exit is our return to the outside world and simply ceasing to be your concern.

Hence, no health protection is achieved at all by forbidding exit at any unlocked door. Indeed oppositely, that keeps us mingled inside your premises for longer. If a person sent from one exit to another is infective, they infect the folks around them during that unnecessary walk. Frustration and rational anger caused by it will increase involuntary face touching, and with Covid, that increases both infectivity and personal infection risk.

Nothing is achieved at all, and your shoppers' health is risked more, by forbidding exit at the door on the corner of Almondvale Boulevard and calling it only a staff exit. It does not lead to a special staff space, it leads straight onto a public street that is open. Ordering us not to exit there constitutes confining the public unexpectedly inside a potentially infective space against our will. There is no functional or health difference whatever between staff and shoppers leaving the premises at that exit.

If you have a guy there preventing entry, you are perfectly able to count us out there if that matters, which it appears not to as I could see no one counting us out at the Almondvale Avenue entrance.

Hence it would be an act against public health, suable by anyone infected as a result, to put on any airs and graces whatever of having in theory the power to decide to do it: and to make any other response whatever including none than to stop this oppression. The following particular responses, in taking part in autism work I have flagged up as being exploitations of vulnerabilities, then cited that because of the vulnerable groups' invisibility, that in fact establishes that these responses can never be given to any of the public at all, about anything ever. On Covid related matters, it also would be suable acts against public health to give any of these responses, instead of automatically only the answer of upholding personal fairness:
  • Be noncommittal,
  • Use the word "unfortunately" or any synonyms of it,
  • Deny that they should do anything or answer substantively until an indefinitely deferrable eventuality,
  • Ignore, or omit to answer, any of the entire content of the evidence available from the person being answered,
  • Declare unilaterally that any step not reasoningly accepted as upholding personal fairness is "their decision",
  • "I'm sorry but .." or "I'm afraid .." or "I/we note your comments..." or "I understand how you feel but..." a tough bruising assertion of decision not to fix it,
  • Declare unilaterally that any of these types of answer, or any answer not standing up to reasoning, is a last word,
  • Assert that these are what people will do,
  • Give no answer at all because of being prevented from giving these types of answer,
  • Declare any matter of fairness closed, or unilaterally close down contact, before its entire content has been fairly answered, and at a stage preventing this from being ascertained from logical scrutiny of answers given.
It is always right to end with that notice, passing it on until its observation by all bodies engaging with the public becomes generally established.

Maurice Frank
Jul 17. This is not an answer. This attempts to play the device of decision assertion while blaming the government for it. They are perfectly capable of including the corner exit in a footfall count. Notice no mention at all of the practicalities of using that exit, or of the face touching point:

Good morning, thank you for your email. We would advise the following points:
  • In relation to the new operating procedures within the Outlet, we are following Scottish Government guidelines
  • We have implemented a one way system within the Outlet to assist with social distancing
  • We are managing capacity in and out of the building via automatic footfall counters
  • We have sanitisation stations available throughout the Outlet, including exits
  • The exit door has been chosen to support guests accessing the south car park and public services, along with access to The Centre
  • The welfare, safety and wellbeing of both guests and staff are at the forefront of the decision making.
Kind Regards,
Morag Eadie
Centre Administrator – Livingston Designer Outlet

Thursday, June 11, 2020

careless talk of aggression is itself aggressive

This further article on the Matthew Rushin case is on THE DANGER OF INTERPRETING AUTISTIC SOCIAL PRESENTATION AS AGGRESSIVE BECAUSE IT'S NOT SUBMISSIVE, and the writer's efforts to research the too little that US police practices have done about that.

BUT IT IS ACTUALLY A WRONG THAT AUTISTICS CAN DO TO EACH OTHER TOO. It features in the foul play politics within the autistic scene. Real aggression also features in that, but the point is there is a duty to analyse and back up WITH DETAILED REASONING any accusation of aggression. Unless it stands up to rational reasoning it is a medical abuse to maintain the accusation.

This makes it A CRIME, a violation of safe support, for anyone in our scene to accuse another of aggression then to stop answering them then to block/cut off contact without explaining or defending the accusation in detail.

The petition link again:

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

be afraid hence care

A US black injustice brought to surface by the present events. This one involves autism and is a serious corruption of ignoring the impact of a meltdown panic state of kind on words said, making up extra things there is no proof he said, and interpreting an echolalia (repetition of words spoken to you) as a statement of suicidal intent.

Matthew Rushin. Case described shockingly here
and psychologically insighted here
may motivate supporting him here