Tuesday, December 4, 2018

rational = poof

From a post on FB by a guy with schooldays in Fife:

"When I was at school, everyone was scared to give the right answer to the teacher in case they were called a "poof".
(In Fife schools all boys were classed as poofs at a moment's notice, for doing anything that suggested they were intelligent or sensitive humans. That was forbidden." ...

"Nowadays, people running about trying to use big words they don't really understand to seem clever.
Ironic, because if they hadn't pretended to be stupid in the first place they would have learned what the big words mean and realise there's no need to use them."

Such a destructive system does any good???
Authoritarian Schooling, a catalogue of damage, by David Gribble

Sunday, November 18, 2018


Today, in the later half of November, is blue sky sunny, but from a frosty start, nippy enough air to have some folks in woolly hats, and some of the seasonal German market's security staff wearing scarves over their mouths. Temperature up to 9 then falling to 6 at sunset.

In this, in the crowd exploring the German market there were as many as 6 other folks in shorts. Both adults and kids, and from both visually apparent sides of the gender spectrum. (Well worded?) I, as an aspie with a shorts sensory issue and a metabolically active body heat, have a lot of pain baggage around a minority identity struggle that I did not get a good life start in. So to see actually what I want, the social liberty I care about doing well and advancing, carries pain. The pain of needing simple equal recognition, needing to be identified as one of the shorts favouring folks comfortable in this type of air and further.

I did not see this in my childhood/youth. Is it climate change, that more folks find days at this time of year sunnier now, hence also milder? Yet there were some folks visibly wrapped up feeling cold, and all of us shorts folks were also wearing coats. Is it this region's climate, helpful to folks finding their cold boundaries: for I have always thought that shorts are seen more and colder here in East-Central Scotland than they were in the unhappy exiled location of my childhood, South Wales. Is it the existence of the web, allowing now for anyone who doubts it to confirm that colder shorts are doable and won't give them colds. Is it a good era shift, away from the evil conformity caused by hard macho attitudes in the punk and alternative comedy eras? I grew up before the web, but after the mid-century tradition of knee-length breeches for boys had died out; and in a region affected by saturated damp air causing cold-like symptoms that prevented me until my 20s from discovering my shortist identity as a real life option; and I was never a cub because my tastes were not outdoor enough and did not at the time know they wore them; and I went to a school whose uniform was rigidly only long trousers right from above the first primary year; and the unfairly difficult older boyhood when there is an irrational age prejudice against shorts I was at exactly in the punk era when shorts were most out of fashion. Amid all that unfair hammering of circumstances, never did I see what I saw today, nor before my 20s get the opportunity to be one of the folks seen in them on this type of day at this tine of year. But my soul identity has always been that I should have been.

So even if it's good right social change and to be celebrated, also it's a deep stinging oppression pain concerning life fairness. For all shortists who have been oporessed and in struggle, I have to push society and posterity to consider analysis of the causes.

Maurice Frank

Saturday, October 27, 2018

liberty of a healthy personal taste for fruit flavour

Western Mail (a newspaper in Wales) 19 Jan 1982:
""He has grown up a lot in the last year but he still prefers drinking Ribena to coffee."
It is for reasons like that that Mrs Frank is glad that Maurice is not emulating Ruth Lawrence by heading for university years before the normal age.
- age-bigoted words of a journalist keen to promote the ideas of abusive school teachers that never got me to uni at all, were already starting to crash, reaching breaking point just 8 months later. Wrong evil words, as kids who went to uni early escaped from the evil oppressiveness of school and had it turn out better for them.

My chapter in Bittersweet on the Autism Spectrum, book published by JKP 19 Jan 2017:
"That I still enjoy cold blackcurrant squash, a lifelong addiction, is actually a serious necessary triumph for personal autonomy. ...Every refreshing, uplifting squash drink is charged with anger, at all the hurtfully illogical family and peer pressures I suffered in my teenage years, to perceive fruit squashes as a juvenile taste that I needed to grow out of."

THE EMERGENCE OF DARK FRUIT STRONGBOW AS A POPULAR BAR DRINK HAS VINDICATED ME BIG TIME. It's a blackcurrant (and blackberry) cider. I celebrate tonight a further vindication: seeing a good number of folks drinking Dark Fruit Strongbow in the punk-themed setting of a pub gig titled Punkoween, in Monty's Bar, Dunfermline.

Maurice Frank

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

teach the teachers from the voices of all

At the now revived autism Cross Party Group in parliament, today Oct 23 the topic was education. Specifically, and nicely accountably, the follow-up to a report on rates of school exclusion, jointly by SA, the NAS, and Children in Scotland.

Among the report's list of "calls for action", enlarged on to us by Charlene Tait speaking for SA: is for more training up of the autism understanding level among teachers, and for schools. As has ever been so throughout the modern autistic scene's existence, here again the case evidence quoted and directly told by school leaver age autistics present, showed that schools widespreadly are brutally deficient in their understanding, and in their attitude towards having any.

Thre is a perfectly predictable explanation or that. Teachers are piece of shit tyrants by intentional design, and the authoritarian model of school is a disastrous destructive evil and one of the outstanding horrible tyrannies of historysite - Authoritarian Schooling a Catalogue of Damage.

My point given at CPG. After all the consequences they had heard of failed understanding, with even suicidality at issue, when they follow up this training up of teachers there will be an automatic duty to SHEER CHILD SAFETY, that the 3 organisations set up a facility for preventing the autism training from being incomplete by missing things. To date, clearly, teachers and schools have missed a lot of it. So they need a facility that ANYONE who has been part of an autistic school problems case can send in the itemisable school problems shown by the case details. Then the facility's responsibility would be to check whether the items are already recognised in the awareness program for the teacher retraining, and any items that are not already there, to add them in.

From anyone who comes forward with a case experience. Not just a selection of cases, which could miss something, but ALL who come forward. This proposed as explicitly being a duty to child safety. That is the govt's principle of "Getting it right for every child," GIRFEC. That is accountability. That is inclusive, against the problem mentioned by another contributor, of affected families feeling their cases invisible.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

serious claims require serious evidence

Autism Network Scotland's participative book An Ordinary Life Too (PDF book link) speaks out, among many things, against a long term violation by the USA of the oldest most basic human right of all, presumption of innocence, that the media never mention. By its border control requiring declarations of arrest histories and having the power to judge and treat differently INNOCENT PEOPLE, not convicted of anything, who have ever been arrested. Even Obama made no known attempt to end it. How much hope is there that Melania Trump will, now that she has spoken out on MeToo for the need for hard evidence before anyone is convicted of a crime. Has she noticed that one leads to the other? Has any organisation rich enough to try a court case on it noticed?

But credit to her for saying a needed right thing. It's an important moment that a figure as highly placed as her did. She spoke for hearing men as victims too.

Hard factual evidence is the standard that everyone operating a protection system for vulnerable groups, or an equalities policy for non-discriminatory social inclusion, has a duty to follow. This is to take strong moral pleasure in reaffirming ELAS's attachment to that duty. EVERYTHING GOES ON FACTUAL EVIDENCE, NOTHING GOES ON ONE WORD AGAINST ANOTHER.

ELAS knows from painful recent experience with human evil, how important this is and what it is like to stand up for this human right against will to corrupt it. Because a determined breaking of this was what caused the fall and departure of our own disgusting ethically discredited former chair Mark Keenan.

Each group that takes this stand holds the line against the gender one-sided witch hunters trying to terrorise society with the evil of guilt by accusation. Every one highlights that it is the duty of every one. Every code of equalities and inclusion, in any organisation, has the duty to stand with us.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Breakthrough on adult diagnosis in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has been suffering for years a local unjust failure of service re such an important basic as adult access to diagnosis. Doctors have not been available for it, folks have needed to seek access to service from other regions unless they had the means for privately. This affecting such an essential life fairness as employment support.

NAS holding a conference there in 2015 budged nothing, nor even prevented the OSS there (which they ran) closing down! But now the local paper has budged the local NHS, as a follow-on benefit from a campaigning victory on ADHD. It reports this breakthrough in NHS acknowledgement of service duty: NHS Grampian commits to adult autism diagnosis.

Why does it say it is important that folks cease to need to present to mental health service? Of course it's important that autistics are not mental, but that service is long established one of the commonest sources for diagnoses. GP referral to it. If Aberdeen folks have been referrable to mental health, and have been diagnosable by it, then there is no form of words that makes sense, that they could use to reject diagnosing the folks who were not going to stay on the mental health service for something else. Yet that is what the article reads like saying they used to do.

The principle of accessing adult diagnosis is importantly universal everywhere, Aberdeen's experien e ths far into the autism aware era has been staggering. This is the turning point of their acknowledging this principle for a maltreated place.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

yes you can call a cool swaggery comedian sick

It may well be most prudent for the thinking aspie not to go to any Fringe comedies at all. But a few thoughtful ones on worthwhile subjects do happen. It's so chancy, when you see one billed on a subject worth bothering with, whether the billing is true or whether it's juwt an attrntion grabbing device for just another rough biting jerk who wants to spend an hour talking about social humiliations and child maltreatment.

Kevin Precious is a particularly bad case of the latter. Revile and avoid his show. It included a joke about having cancer. He is the next show on straight after our annual aspie visitor Paul Wady's show at the same venue. Precious is a humanist who used to have to schoolteach religious studies. That sounds of interest to anyone anti-school, and the show's billing sets up a prospect of hearing a lot about intellectual conflict with a system.

No that's not what you get at all, He did not suffer any conflict, he was allowed to teach study of religions witbout asserting that any one is right and to tell the parents he had no belief - and that's about all his material on it, 5 minutes' worth. There is no crit6qus of school at al, despite lots of harsh jokes at its miseries, including against the character of PE teachers yet not making the obvious deduction that there should not be any PE. He is a offputtingly blunt voiced earthy macho type, that's visibly why he has no spirituality!

Most of the show is about Jimmy Savile and the same worn out offensiveness that all the satirical comedians have followed in the time of high child abuse awareness - of making lots of purportedly angry political satire about it, that turns THE ABUSE ITSELF into a joke, and an instant audience laugh trigger.

Why is this not deemed an offence and just as unacceptable to the victims as the crime itself?! References that woould not be accepted in more serious talking get actively flaunted in comedy to make the comedian cool, and thid has gone on for years endlessly. It's because folks fear sounding uncool if they criticise comedy - the same reason as why no campaigns or child protectors who can do anything against Blackadder's incitement of and siding with bullying, have ever wanted to, in 32 years since that episode was made. But when you say that about Blackadder, serious minded folks get the point perfectly - it works liks the Emperor's New Clothes, just need to say the visible truth that is not getting said.

So it's the same for stand-up and satirical comedy that goes on at great length and detail about child sbuse. It is another offensive exploitation of the affected folks, an exploitation of them, another act of not caring in a socially including way, a compounding of the actual abuse. It merits anger and moral reaction.

Maurice Frank