Sunday, February 12, 2017

gettng away with inaccurate pro-homework spin

Did you hear Good Morning Scotland mention anything about this today? I didn't. If they mentioned it at any other time, then it missed reaching the regular Sunday audience.

Re their review of the papers, covering a Sunday Herald front page on an initiative of increasing school time for kids from poorer backgrounds. Complaining that: the radio reviewers were convinced that this plan when used in America had had only good results, and there was no balance because there was no asking if a more intense regime would be a pressure and harmful, and the actual article had not mentioned homework.

Dear Mr Frank
Reference CAS-4202564-ZBGB9X
Thank you for getting in touch about Good Morning Scotland broadcast on 29 January 2017.
The paper reviewer on the programme mentioned ‘more homework’ as being a feature of this proposal, and that was not backed up by the newspaper piece under discussion. This was however a single fleeting reference and the substance of the discussion focused on the two issues of longer school days and shorter holidays.
The newspaper review is an informed and opinionated take on a range of stories across the Sunday newspapers and is driven by the opinions of the reviewers. That should be tempered and challenged by the presenters, and on this occasion that didn’t happen.
We’ve shared your feedback with the production team. Furthermore, all your comments have been fully registered on our daily audience log. This internal document is made available to all our production teams and senior BBC management.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Parent of adult needs support fighting mental health act

Parent Leo Andrade in London is having an unjust hard time against rigid Mental Health Act ways of thinking, still being applied wrongly to autistic son Stephen into adulthood, now aged 22.

Support this family's petition and keep hearing listening to and linking to their testimony. Injustice stories always need telling. That is always the first basic about them. Shine a light into truth. Always makes less bad stuff possible to happen than if it goes unnoticed.

Maurice Frank

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fairness: the vulnerability law, What to expect

The law of vulnerable adult groups covers us ethically, it establishes that we must not be taken advantage of, financially, or emotionally, by anyone engaging in any type of support relation with us. Any support relation, that could be a formally employed or charity placed support or aspies showing each other support in the self organised scene.

Oh so nothing bad or hurtful ever happens in an autism service? ... obviously not so, but all bad happenings are breaches of vulnerability, the protection against them is there notionally and conceptually. Its enforceability in practice is what needs building stronger. The defined duty to vulnerability includes to prevent corruption, and what prevents corruption is transparency and accountability. So all losses of direct voice and accountability for aspies about service issues are breaches of the vulnerability law capable of contributing to suicidal feelings in persons made more vulnerable. Hence structures like ANS and regular participation in the autism local plans can never be taken away. ANS's imminent issue of a book compiled from a spread of ordinary aspie life experience, An Ordinary Life Too, will greatly strengthen the body of facts that establishes this. It will advance the accountability over uncorrupt protection of vulnerabilities, that comes from strengthening the claim of permanence upon these participative structures.

What does this mean you can expect in Elas, and any Asperger society self-organised independently from the problematic big charities?
  • You are among folks who know it would be liably against the vulnerability law ever to turn socially corrupt and backstabbing to escape from answering a fairness issue, like the former Phad charity in Fife did which led very quickly to its break-up and demise in 2011 a bad outcome for all.
  • Fairness is never an obsession. Fairness is never called an obsession, because fairness is a red line ethic, and red line ethics are never obsessions.
  • For any fairness issue in your life that affects your relationship with any other members, e.g, something which their own invitation involved you in and resulted in an unfairness.Your pursuit of it, time unlimited, will automatically have the reliable solidarity and backing of the rest if the group. No one will ever dismiss it as an autistic rigid thought pattern or obsessive.
  • You will never accidentally catch any member doing that when they think you are out of hearing. You will never be let down by a friend with a long back period of discovering this way that they were never real.
  • You will never find the group dug in to stay noncommittal about your fairness issue.
  • You will never see this include a member refusing to reverse a serious mistake that had worsened the wrong, such as the mistake of apologising to the party that wronged you after being lied to by them.
  • You will never see the group suspend a normal routine of going for a drink after meetings, and instead all hasten home uncomfortably, by reason of wanting to avoid the issue.
  • You will never hear anyone express in blunt words and a cutting tone of wordly-wise macho boredom the emotionally abusive view that you may have to live with a social injustice unsolved.
  • You will never hear anyone argue that fairness to you should fall in the greater interest of the group.
  • You will never find that the group get sick of the subject and start to sanction or socially reject hearing about it, when that leaves you with them expecting you to live in acceptance of it.
  • You will never hear anyone use the word "unfortunately" as a weapon for any of these maltreatments of you.
  • You will never see another member continue to belong to, and hear him keep mentioning its place in his social life, anything which has wronged or unjustly excluded you, if he has said nothing about efforts on your behalf to change that. Particularly if his own invitation had led to the wrong happening in the first place.
  • You will never have anyone believe that you should live in acceptance of, and stop fighting, a wrong which has not happened to them.
These are not points that any autism group, any group in any support scene, can discuss and decide not to accept. You will not suffer these things because the group will ensure conscientiously that each other know, that it would break the vulnerability law, with many potential lines of liability, for any of them to exploit anyone's vulnerability by doing any of these unfair unsupportive things to them. They are all acts of emotional abuse, for they betray and kick away wellbeing and result in exclusion experience. Hence they all risk, as is well established illegal, well-motivating suicides by it. They are all actions whose breach of the vulnerability law is serious enough that they risk life. The members of every aspie group have a duty to ensure each other's awareness of this, to be vulnerability compliant.

You do not have to be a suicide risk to have this protection, e.g, you may be articulate enough with writing to fight back, but the group will know that if they wrong you they cause suicidal ideation in a less articulate person who sees it happen and encounters any similar wrong, now or later. So, because the group dares never wrong that person, they dare never wrong you either. Backing for total literalist fairness is your claim of right.

Maurice Frank

Saturday, September 24, 2016

NAS slaps aspie grassroots in the face again

The multiple signed letter to the NAS's trustees, just last year, on ordinary aspies' dissatisfaction with NAS's lack of accountability and responsiveness towards us, us on whose behalf NAS supposedly exists, might never have happened. NAS's Scottish director Jenny Paterson has shown, openly in her emailed reply to an enquiry from ELAS, that the big charity culture continues as determined as ever to seek to get away with arrogance.

This is a one-off answer, which an ELAS enquiry on their general standard of responding to contacts extracted. It followed 7 months of total silence from her towards the personal contact previously made. Hence it does not follow a spurt of correspondence. Yet she is rude enough to write a bureaucrats’ closure, a proclamation of final answer:
"this is my final position on our campaigning plans and priorities, and I am unable to offer any further assistance regarding child authorship."

Even nasty bureaucrats usually only do that after a spurt of correspondence when they have run out of evasions. She does it in her one-off late answer to something she had simply sat silent on for 7 months. See how aggressive that is? Hostile to an issue of maltreated aspie kids, an agenda the whole time against them and doing anything for them. Also she does this deviously so as never to actually answer what she was asked! For she was asked simply to mention that wronged child authors exist, in every literature that mentions or advertises successful child authors. That is not campaigning that needs any resources or time priorities allocated to it. She answers only to the practicality of big extra campaigning then rudely shuts down all contact with her on child authors at all, KNOWINGLY LEAVING NEVER ANSWERED THE SIMPLE NO-EFFORT ACTION THEY CAN TAKE!

Even her timing is sneaky: she sent this email on Sep 20, just 2 days AFTER the Autism Europe conference here in Edinburgh, which had NAS involvement, had ended. Avoiding this being out as an issue at conference time.

All autism workers and projects: you can’t ethically afford any connection with NAS, with an organisation that behaves like this.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The hidden wave of women with undiagnosed Asperger’s

A new story on increase of aspie self-awareness in women.

But it agonisingly says some of them are getting rejected diagnoses and interpreted to have personality disorders instead, by closed minded conservative psychologists, likely men. THIS LONG INTO AUTISM AWARENESS.

I have commented there on what support we the whole aspie scene need to give to these women. It's simply what I have always said is what all the undiagnosed newcomers need, as remembered from when I was one: and clearly the NAS is still doing nothing to provide or advise them on this. Simply, they should join the aspie scene in some form, first, while they are still undiagnosed. So that they are backed up by our perception of them before they go for diagnosis. Before the diagnoser can say no, he is landed with having to explain that backing from other aspies to the grounds for why you are one.

Maurice Frank

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

reforming the law of harrassment

The ASSGO site's parliamentary petition (UK level) on changing the law of harrassment to be adaptable to lack of social insight. To stop it being applied manipulatively to oppress an autistic person so as to always blame them for situations one-sidedly and lead to life control by the likes of ASBOs or restraining orders.

Monday, July 25, 2016

30 degrees and where is the NAS?

A petition for Boys to be able to wear shorts in hot weather instead of trousers at secondary schools has my fervent solidarity, that can't surprise anyone.

But look at the obvious fact: such a petition should not still be necessary, after at least c15 years of sensory issues being openly known about through the autism scene. The continued existence of school uniforms at all, and of this gender discriminatory cruelty in them, is a mass maltreatment of kids by all the autism charities that have not chosen to campaign against them. The NAS, all this time, has said nothing opposing school unforms at all. Its leaders have sought to hobnob around with politicians and enjoy careers for thenselves based on the NAS just being formulaic and unchallenging in the stuff it says. By it leaving aspie boys, both diagnosed and missed, suffering a bodily abuse. Including in 30 degree heat, as the parent making this petition cites.

This when at the NAS's own conference in Aberdeen on 27 Mar 15, Luke Beardon described personally knowing a case, again through the NAS! of a man whose school coping and outcomes had been unjustly entirely wrecked by this uniform abuse, which made him totally unable to focus in exams.

Maurice Frank